Investment Management

Invest your resources


Clarify your goals


Contribute strategically


Enjoy the payoff

Advice that’s in your best interest

At Cast Financial, we are fee-only advisors. This means we don’t get paid by other financial institutions or earn a commission. We charge a set fee for financial advice and management of assets. By taking this approach, we are able to give unbiased advice tailored to you. 

This service may be a good fit if you:


Dream of financial freedom


Hope to retire early


Want to withdraw your investments strategically

Our Process

Review your goals.

In our first session, we get to know you. We’ll discuss your current financial situation, personal tendencies, and goals so we can align on investment priorities.

Develop a strategy.

Next, we’ll make recommendations for allocating your resources. Whether you want to retire soon or invest for the far-off future, we’ll design a tax-efficient portfolio optimized for your needs.

Allocate funds.

Whether you’re contributing for the first time or need to move funds you previously contributed, we’ll help you manage the transition and get your investments funded.

Review and adjust.

We’ll periodically revisit your plan and review progress. Plus, we’ll strategically rebalance your portfolio, so you invest the right amount in options that meet your goals.

What’s your vision?

Let’s work together to make it happen.